Riding the wave of success

“2016 was yet another successful year whereby Executive Aviation maintained all its regular customers and added new ones to its loyal database. Executive Aviation Malta today is the preferred handler for medium to large internationally known business jet operators, flight support service providers and aircraft manufacturers like Execujet, AirX, AlphaStar, SkyPrime, Jet Story, Elitavia, RoyalJet, Qatar Executive, LuxWings, Embraer, UAS, Jetex, Hadid, Jet Aviation, Rockwell Collins and many more. The reason why these customers choose us is simple, we deliver because we are dedicated, well equipped for business aviation, experienced and trustworthy, says Andrea Trapani, the company’s Managing Director”

20JAN17 – Executive Aviation Malta sets new records

“2016 was yet another successful year with Executive Aviation Malta setting impressive new records in business jet handlings recorded. The company’s turnover has also surpassed 2015 and the improvements and investment made in better services and equipment has certainly reaped fruit”, says Andrea Trapani , the company’s founder and Managing Director

23SEP14 – Executive Aviation Malta keeps on reaching new limits…..

Executive Aviation Malta portfolio of customers continues to grow month after month and year after year. The experience and professional services are reaping fruit and today, albiet being the youngest operative service provider when compared to competition, many are those operators and owners who have realised that Executive Aviation Malta’s services are indeed superior and uniquely dedicated.